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The high amount of flexibility and creativity necessary for the development of  marketable innovative products and services is mostly realizable through cooperation networks. This is especially true for small and medium-seized businesses (SMB) which are often dependent to a few large-scale enterprises. Innovation cooperation enable businesses to fulfill their customers growing expectations of innovative products. However, there are also risks attached to innovation cooperation (e.g. detention of information, tensions between internal and external employees) which can hinder the necessary trustful cooperation significantly.

Against this background, the research association VERMIKO aims at the development, implementation and evaluation of transparent operational trust-management-systems on intra- and inter-organisational level (between SMB as well as between SMB and large-scale-enterprises).Hereby, an effective support of innovation cooperation in product and service development processes will be warranted. A unitized trust-management-system whose innovation advantages are gathered qualitatively and quantitatively is going to be developed in terms of a sustainable effect. A measuring instrument will be constructed using the extracted findings. This instrument enables the user to determine enterprise specific as well as employee specific evaluations of trust. From these evaluations, profiles of strengths and weaknesses can be extracted for businesses and cooperation.


Finally, a practice-oriented guideline, an online-tool including web-based-training and business game as well as qualification and establishment of “trust-coaches” ensure the enduring introduction of the trust-management-system in SMB and large-scale enterprises.



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